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Welcome, warents, website wanderers, and those wondering about the whirlwind world of warenting.

Written for wellbeing, these are the words of a woman with a whimsical wish, in this warenting wilderness, to be a wildflower, not a wallflower.

Ok, that’s enough alliteration for one day … or until the end of time.

It’s not rocket science or a literary masterpiece, but here I am, opening my warenting diary and turning the first page for you.

As somebody who values self-awareness and enjoys writing, I benefit emotionally from using my semi-intelligent brain for a bit of artistic ‘adulting’ (and this is my outlet whilst on maternity leave version 2.0.). Since lots of people have children in their lives, perhaps others can relate?

I should confess that whilst I’m not shy, I’m definitely more of an ‘outspoken introvert’ (it’s a thing) and I’m naturally uncomfortable being in the spotlight. I feel vulnerable. So, whilst sharing is caring … sharing is also scaring.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you. Why stop now? Go on, have a good sniff around.

And YES, I hope ‘warent’ makes it in to the Dictionary someday.

Note: Everything that you read here is based on extensive and rigorous research*

*research took place in my muddled mind and has zero scientific validation 😉