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Children’s books (plural) might be a bit of a stretch. For now, it’s just the one.

In the blur of 2020, I wrote a series of stories for my firstborn. She was a squidgy little newborn at the time, and as prisoners of lockdown version 1.0 (yawn), I used writing as a way to keep my mind sharp, prevent insanity from cabin fever, and leave a literary legacy for my little bundle of chub.

In 2021, I commissioned a brilliant illustrator to bring one of those stories to life … and so, The Crocodile with the Crooked Smile became my unofficial ‘secondborn’.

It’s a rhyming story about kindness and strength, with an anti-bullying message at the core. I tried to make it funny too, but if nothing else, it’s an excellent way to teach kids new vocabulary … for instance, several words for a hippo’s backside.

I’m a proud member of The Anti-Bullying Alliance, and half of proceeds from book sales go to a wonderful little charity called BulliesOut. Because let’s be honest, kids can be horrid little monsters. Sometimes, they need a lesson or two on how not to be beastly.

If you’d like to buy a copy, THANK YOU from all of us.

My second book is waiting in the wings and at some point, I might raise the dusty curtain. Please try to contain your excitement.